And So It Goes…#990

A few days ago,POTUS told the NATO conference attendees to start stumping up more money on defence .The Corporate and  globalist MSM and hack commentariat admonished President Donald Trump variously for what they asserted was an unforgivable diplomatic/politically strategic faux-pas and downright bad manners.

POTUS made a valid point from the perspective of the US taxpayer ;the member nations  of NATO need to increase their defence expenditure,quite dramatically in most cases,if they want to enjoy the level of military security and preparedness which they are quite happy for the US to provide at its expense.

Advocating a liberal interventionist agenda ( that bears remarkable similarities to what the neocon US agenda actually looks like in practice) and joining in on sanctions devoid of any legitimacy in International Law against Russia,Iran,North Korea et al costs taxpayers- the Electorates in all NATO member states, money.

Days after this masterly exposition of Basic Economics 101 to his fellow NATO leaders, POTUS arrived in the UK for his scheduled official visit.And off went the PC globalist metropolitan middle class dog-whistles with their usual cacophony that comprised, in equal measure-otiose cant,vacuous platitudes and non sequiturs.

One could compose a jeremiad against this metropolitan elitist backed rabble and fashion wounding invective that destroys any vestige of character that they might’ve possessed.But that would at best be a pyrrhic victory very much in the same idiom as the #StopTrump campaigning hydra ‘s efforts have shown themselves ineluctably to be.

The onwards march of the forces of Meta-Historical evolution and development do not and will never give a shit about someone somewhere bleeding their egotistical little conscience over some issue or other.Really.You might as well hope that gravity gives a thought to when you hurl yourself of off a roof.

The #StopTrump London exercise in PC metropolitan ,uni-student common room faux-revolutionary middle class placard waving and online virtue signalling was just that. Vegans,LGBT,Labour,LibDems,Greens,SWP,Womens Equality Party,EXpat American Democrats,Supporters of Islamic terrorism and Illegal immigration,itinerant London gobshites such as David Lammy -slanderers and defamers of Trump,Populism,Brexit etc expressing the full gamut of infantile,delusional,paranoid and wholly unattainable demands and concerns on an infinite variety of politicised issues got their day in the sun.

And then the sun set.




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