And So It Goes…#991

Rats in a sack.

Brexit might have already been consigned to constitutional oblivion by the metropolitan domiciled globalist ruling elites,but at least their paid-for political actors class are still managing to tear each other to shreds in what is supposed to be a staged re-enactment but is quite entertainingly going terribly wrong.

The under-rehearsed participants are actually believing themselves to be in a real world authentic constitutional political struggle,which of course from the audience /spectators’ point of view they are not,only seeming to be so for the sake of parliamentary verisimilitude.

A series of keenly contested highly disputatious votes was summarised by BBC ONline as:-

What the MPs voted on

The amendments were “broadly in line” with government policy, which is why the government accepted them.

By 305 votes to 302 – with 14 Tories rebelling – MPs backed an amendment that prevents the UK from collecting taxes on behalf of the EU, unless the rest of the EU does the same for the UK.

Applying EU tariffs to products destined for the EU is part of Mrs May’s plan to avoid friction at UK borders after Brexit.

Another amendment, to ensure the UK is out of the EU’s VAT regime, was backed by 303 to 300, with a Tory rebellion of 11.

Three Labour MPs voted with the government.

The government won several other votes more comfortably, and the entire bill was then approved by the House of Commons by 318 to 285.

The Conservative/Labour duopoly itself, as entrenched defenders of the archaic FPTP which keeps them eternally as the two major parties,seems to be have been cast into existential doubt during the course of the parliamentary imbroglio of recent days. Leading Conservatives such as Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry supported by leading Labour EU shills,openly advocate a government of national unity to replace the present ailing May minority regime.

Suffice it to say ” Schadenfreude ” ;at least for now.



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