And So It Goes…#992

Laugh or cry ? The Times  online reports:-

The head of Amazon in the UK has said that there could be “civil unrest” within two weeks if  the UK leaves the European Union with no deal.

Amazon UK became the first business to issue such a warning. It was given at a meeting on Friday 20 July organised by Dominic Raab, the new Brexit secretary.

Doug Gurr, UK manager for the American online giant, told the other guests, who included representatives of Britain’s biggest businesses, that this worst-case outcome formed part of his contingency planning.


The problem with the aforegoing tendentious remarks is, that in common with so many other similar stark warnings these last two years,the Remain campaign simply repeats itself ad nauseam. Which of course is  part of their grand propaganda strategy initiated long before the 23 June EU Referendum ever took place.

The seditionist cabal of metropolitan elitist Remoaner EU shills ( hope that covers everything about them ) have been rendered utterly deaf and insensate by their own ideological echo chamber.Much in the same way that Dr.Josef Goebbels was when asking the assembled Party faithful if they wanted Total Victory -at a stage in WW2 when it was already over,done and dusted bar the shouting.

The neoliberal EU regime requires freedom of movement for surplus labour,without this facility the REC Job Agencies in the UK would be unable to run their lucrative Zero Hours contracts trade which primarily ” employ ” the economically displaced millions of jobless cozening itinerants from rustbelt eastern europe and the balkans who have in effect colonised large swathes of the UK and are eagerly sharing their common european values of stealing other peoples jobs and enjoying the luxury of houses and schools places and health services previously paid for by others.

And to cap the entire week off ,former Anglican Tea Lady of the Year and  Remoaner EU Shill-in-Chief ,Theresa May made an official announcement that she would take the lead in the Leave EU negotiations,relegating the role of Brexit Secretary to that of bootblack.

And so it goes….


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