And So It Goes…#996

From the C.A.B. website.

What are hate incidents?

The police and Crown Prosecution Service have agreed a common definition of hate incidents.

They say something is a hate incident if the victim or anyone else think it was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on one of the following things:

  • disability
  • race
  • religion
  • transgender identity
  • sexual orientation.

This means that if you believe something is a hate incident it should be recorded as such by the person you are reporting it to. All police forces record hate incidents based on these five personal characteristics.

Anyone can be the victim of a hate incident. For example, you may have been targeted because someone thought you were gay even though you’re not, or because you have a disabled child.

The key passage in the aforegoing Kafka-esque explanation is, ”  something is a hate incident if the victim or anyone else think it was “. This signals a reversion to the jurisprudence of 1789 Revolutionary France,where guilt was established by denunciation.

All this is by way of necessary prologue to the matter at hand.The issue of the day,the scandal as it unfolds.

A few days ago in  the  Daily Telegraph , Boris Johnson critiqued,in his inimitable journalistic style,the wearing of the burqa. The MSM as much as the hordes on social media have transformed this otherwise fairly obscure debating point into a national politicised cause celebre. 

Hence the preamble: Johnson’s  remarks were reported to the Met.Police Commissioner Cressida Dick and after ordering a preliminary investigation into the complaint,found no basis for proceeding further.His sartorial critique had not infringed any of the precepts of the hate incident protocols- a necessary precondition for something heading into actual hate crime territory.

All of which has merely added fuel to the raging fire of spite and vindictiveness surrounding the hapless BoJo. Senior Conservative Party figures -invariably of the Remain faction-have called for internal disciplinary measures,even expulsion to be considered; EU Marshal Petain Prize Winner Theresa May went so far as to call upon her former Foreign Secretary to apologise for the hurt that his remarks had caused.

Which of course is utter and total bollox.

We now are witness to the ludicrous spectacle of atheist pro- islamic terrorism Trotskyite non entities SWP in league with the usual PC metropolitan Labour cultural elitists in a contrived Thought Police pantomime. Who would’ve have thought it?

Clearly the ineluctable rise and burgeoning successes of Populism- from Brexit and Trump to germany’s AfD, and governments in Austria Hungary and Italy etc. have unnerved the heretofore unchallenged and unchallengable metropolitan globalist multiculti ruling elites across the West.

Hence the witch-hunt against BoJo,hence increasing intolerance,censorship and repression.

Times have once again become that little bit more interesting.


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