And So It Goes…#1000

August 25 2018 and the #PeoplesVote aka Remain Campaign is still hard at it as this gleaned from google search results shows:-

Imports of Danish sperm left at risk | News | The Times

1 day ago – Couples hoping to conceive through artificial insemination could face delays obtaining donated sperm if Britain leaves the European Union ..

So there you have it.
Added to the shortages of cheap manual and semi-skilled as well as skilled and professional workers of all kinds and a food shortage and hold ups at Customs and ( as the Head of Amazon Europe foresees matters ),civil unrest within weeks of the UK departing the EU- a point repeated by Labour’s Barry Gardiner :- there will now also be now a shortage of imported sperm without which expensive NHS funded IVF treatment would have to be cut back.
A day on from the sperm scare and the EU funded anti -brexit campaign organisation, Scientists4EU are doubling down on the vast amounts of EU funding for scientific research the scientists active in the EU funded group itself will personally miss out on in future years.
This is paranoid delusions as policy from the PeoplesVote aka Remain aka Labour aka Open Britain.
Quite what else there is for the metropolitan elitist controlled forces of Remain to exploit as a potential source of anxiety,fear and morbid uncertainty in their efforts to sow general doubt and confusion is very much subject to speculation.
No doubt they’ll come up with something even more bizarrely implausible than the importation of sperm.

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