And So It Goes…#1001

Since the British parliament legalised Abortion in 1968,there have to date been around 7,000,000 abortions carried out in the UK. That approximates to an annual average of around 150,000 per annum or around 3,000 every single week over the last 50 years.

The ballpark figure of 7 million surpasses the number of murders carried out by The German Third Reich in its extermination camps during the years 1939-45 in what became known after the War as the Holocaust.

Such is the monumental scale of what is being carried out in the guise of a regular,routine medicalised procedure that Society at large has become oblivious to just what a monstrous amoral depravity abortion really is.

Women’s reproductive  “Rights” and a woman’s  “Right” to choose to control her own fertility have all been effectively used as quasi-moral precepts by the proponents of abortion to facilitate the widespread acceptance of the fundamental concept that it’s okay and normal and acceptable to systematically exterminate pre-birth humans at the putative mother’;s personal whim and insousiance.

On May 26 2018,the Ireland held an advisory referendum on a proposed amendment to Article 8 of the constitution that in effect protects the life of the unborn child. The public vote to give the Dublin legislature the necessary permission and approval to repeal Article 8 and as a consequence legalise abortion was approved 66% to 34% on a 64% turn out. which by common reckoning means that 57% or thereabouts of Ireland’s registered electorate did NOT give their active assent to the amendment;then again its always about who votes;not voting never counts.

That in itself is a lesson for all those who refuse to participate  in the democratic political discourse and elections.Your absence helps the other side to win.

And so it goes.Not that all battles are lost quite as decisively as the one in Ireland or even lost at all.

The Senate in Argentina recently vetoed their legislature’s procedural attempt to enact their own national advisory referendum on legalising abortion that copied the template of the pro-abortionists’ Repeal The 8th campaign in Ireland.

In the United States there is growing disquiet over President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee who might, once approved, be in a position to pave the way for an eventual rollback on their own 1968 annus horribilis Roe v.Wade that abomination contemporaneous with our own 1968 Abortion Act.

Any person professing to be a Christian who is indifferent to or fails to oppose, let alone support in any way whatsoever, Abortion, is an apostate and heretic and must be excommunicated.


Of our fellow 7 million prebirth humans exterminated with state approval since 1968;the cohort so dealt with between 1968 and 78 would by now in the ordinary course of life have become grandparents by now.Those so heinously dealt with between 1979 and 98 would by now be parents of their own children.Of course all those children and grandchildren have been erased from God’s plan by wilful acts of premeditated murder.


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