And So It Goes…#1002

One more  “wrong” move in the Syrian imbroglio,another miscalculation by the US and the world is gone to hell in a handcart.

The democratic will of the British electorate as expressed in the Vote to Leave the EU is facing an existential crisis that could hurl the UK into unimaginable political and social turmoil should the EU-funded,metropolitan elitist led anti- brexit forces prevail as it seems that they might.

Neither of these pressing issues of our contemporary Age are what currently occupy the Corporate MSM and social media space in general.

No,its all about the Labour Party.The interminable internal,fratricidal,internecine faction squabbling and mutual venal posturing that is Labour.

It is axiomatic that all political parties and social movements throughout recorded history have, at some stage, broken apart,collapsed and faded away into the collective memory hole never to be revived or heard from again.

ALL parties and movements have their time in the sun,attain their apogee or at least succeed in moving the general movement of historical forces onto another plane whether for the general good or ill.

We shan’t for example be hearing from the Anti-Corn Law League anytime soon again.Nor the Levellers or Whigs or Jacobins or Bolsheviks.

And sooner much rather than later the present day Labour and Conservative parties will be irrevocably broken apart by the massive contradictions, and irreconcilable ideological tensions and paradoxes that are part of their respective and distinctive institutional DNA.

There are no exceptions.The iron laws of History cannot be negotiated with nor amended let alone circumvented by human will.

The more acute the perceived crisis or series of mutually reinforcing crises within a political party the more voluble and extreme the expressions of antagonism between the contending factions.

Everyone is a traitor,renegade,rebel,maverick,heretic,saboteur.It depends solely on who has the whip hand at any particular time. Nothing whatsoever to do with some indefinable.innate quality of pseudo- morality or being on the side of progress or enlightenment or justice or righteousness.There ain’t any.Ever.

Corbyn,Momentum,Blairites,Thisites and thoseites,Frank Field.Margaret Hodge.Everybody lies,everybody is a coward.History couldn’t give a damn.

As for me,sufficient unto the day the Schadenfreude thereof.


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