And So It Goes…#1006

Well, that went rather well,don’t you think?

The much heralded EU leaders’ ” Informal ” summit  held in Salzburg, Austria ( September 19-21 ) achieved its all too obvious objectives with a noticeable degree of continental diplomatic savoir-faire.

No lesser historic personages such as Metternich and Talleyrand would have been all too duly impressed by the inimitable aplomb with which Merkel, Tusk and Macron accomplished their traducing of Theresa May.

Quite how on earth ( and evidently not as its even remotely likely to be in heaven ) the United kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ended up with, Theresa May – the Anglican Tea Lady of the Year – as its supreme representative at such gatherings will remain a mystery until such time as a putative future historian can fathom it all out.

The unadorned ” facts ” are that some 80% of our current itinerant Westminster benchwarmers are for Remain including a solid majority within the governing party not least of whom is Prime Minister. It is beyond naivety to imagine or expect that a committed Remainer would somehow by some act of thaumaturgy alter their own personal ideological commitment let alone successfully take charge and lead, against pre-existing impossible odds, a political process that would actualise the public’s vote  to Leave the EU.

All the rest is persiflage.Included under that heading would be the quasi-pious remonstrating by the Anglican Tea Lady of the Year about the lack of respect shown toward her and the UK by the EU leaders during and after the Salzburg Summit.

Turning up with a dog’s breakfast ( one that even the mangiest hungriest mongrel would turn their nose up at ) of a proposal hastily labelled  ” The Chequers’ Plan ” was simply never going to work. Except perhaps in the barren imagination of a genteel country parsonage make-believe alternate reality that constitutes Theresa May’s intellect and political nous.

If Thatcher was effectively nothing more than a political pygmy standing on the shoulders of giants, then all that May ( and indeed the entirety of the present generation of politicians ) is a dwarf stood on the shoulders of pygmies.

To all intents and purposes,and here is the ultimate irony for all those with intense ideological commitments to savour, the 48% have won. And the EU funded seditionist metropolitan rabble that are #PeoplesVote campaigning earnestly to overturn Brexit don’t even know it.

Schadenfreude all round it is then!!


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