And So It Goes…#1046

My oh my,how the world has changed over the last five years. Back in 2014, UKIP stormed to a stunning against the odds triumph in the EU Elections and in The Ukraine,in the wake of an EU backed coup d’etat, a western backed oligarch signed up to the EU’s terms and conditions.

Five years on and here in 2019, the Brexit Party is on the very cusp of repeating UKIP’s electoral achievements in the Greater Germany Reichstag elections and in The Ukraine a professional comedian with no political experience whatsoever has been sworn in as the duly elected president of the Republic after utterly electorally destroying the west’s previously installed puppet Poroshenko.

And so it goes..

Yesterday,May 20 I was among a hundred or so people who greeted Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage’s whistle-stop open top bus tour in Wakefield. Earlier in the day his stopover in Newcastle became MSM and social media news after a sensationalist assault against his person by a hooligan lobbing a milkshake at him.

The chinless,spineless,genderless Left/Anarcho-Greens eulogised this petty and ineffectual common assault as some kind of heroic act of anti-fascist resistance and protest.The Vegan Al-Qaeda and their neutered identity/gender politics driven co-religionists don’t read much and have never read history and don’t discuss let alone engage in debate on political or philosophical matters.

It has gotten way past being merely repetitive and tiresome,for instance, having to state blindingly obvious points such as that the terms-born out of the 1789 French revolution – Right and Left – are no longer adequate or meaningful descriptors for the various and contending organised strands of political beliefs and loyalties.

The EU funded seditionist fifth-columnist shills Peoples Vote campaign ( aka Labour and their LibDem,Green, various regional separatist and Tory allies ) have trademarked “fascist” , “nazi” and “racist” as their primary pinpricks of abuse against all and sundry who voted for Leave and who continue to demand the upholding of the democratic process and the full and unequivocal implementation of the result of the UK-wide referendum on the UK’s EU membership.

The other epoch changing phenomenon that became so evident in 2014, continues virtually unabated to any significant degree; the ineluctably evolving and burgeoning Populist/nationalist democratic tsunami continues rolling out across the continent of Europe.

The morning shall come when the nations of Europe will again belong to their own People;tomorrow belongs to them.

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