And So It Goes…#1047

There are 1,001 vastly more challenging issues and problems that ought to be occupying our attention, but still it all comes down to being stuck in the Leave /Remain quagmire. I’m sure that the likes of Thomas Cromwell had pretty much the same view about how the Reformation was panning out in the 1540s.

Apparently WE – the royal “we” aren’t voting the way that the generally smug,middle class EU funded public sector bureaucrats,professionals,academics,luvvies and shysters would like us to vote. The “We” are still being stupid,ignorant,xenophobic etc etc.

And the way they can “prove”(  as they did back on June 23 2016,that in actual point of fact 48% is numerically equal as well as  intrinsically morally superior to 52% ) that pro- Brexit parties lost the EU elections 2019 is by adding up all the votes cast for all the parties and arbitrarily assigning them top pro and anti-brexit forces.

Or as I tweeted somewhat more succinctly at the time:-

#RemainSurge If you add up all the points of the other 19 teams in the Premier League,clearly Man City got fewer than them and so can’t be Champions. Seriously? Boy are the Remainers f****d in their head! #EUelections2019

No,seriously they’ve asserted that 2+2 does really equal 5 or in fact any number they deem it whenever they feel like it.
In Orwell’s  “1984” the Party hack O’Brien tells the hapless protagonist Winston Smith the very same thing. 2+2 = whatever the Party says that it does .or not or both.
This is Remainer Britain 2019 after they lost the EURef2016 and lost by proportional representation the EUelections 2019.
I give up.
Then again I might not.


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