And So It Goes…#1048

Brexit and U.S. President Donald Trump are not going away any time soon.The two most prominent political phenomena currently exercising hegemony over political discourse here in Great Britain are precisely where they should be;dispatching their ideological opponents and detractors to their respective circles in Dante’s Inferno.

POTUS is here over here to take part in #DDay75 ,the 75th Annual commemorations of the D-Day landings in Normandy on June 6 1944.And naturally,ineluctably, the metropolitan elitist dominated and managed Labour and LibDems and a bewildering assortment of moribund ultra-leftists,environmentalists and uni student agitators-manque got their opportunity to once again throw a collective hissy fit in public view.

The timing of the POTUS visit was the very apogee of synchronicity.It has been barely two weeks since the Brexit Party’s stunning triumph at the EU Elections and Anglican Tea Lady of the Year May’s consequent final capitulation to the forces of history.and nothing excites the PC globalist metropolitan elitist academics,luvvies and shysters quite so vicariously as Brexit and Trump together in the same place.Neanderthals probably experienced something like it everytime they were shown how to make fire.

Reasoned argument substantiated by a reference to facts delivered with a modicum of coherent rhetoric would really benefit the case of the Remoaners and their EU funded fifth columnist spearhead Peoples Vote. But that’s not going happen either.

The Peoples Vote knuckle-draggers have now replaced the epithet “fascist” with “Nazi” as their weapon of choice when berating/denouncing/condemning anyone who disagrees with them in public.Violent physical assaults are now becoming quite a common occurence too whenever the PC Save our NHS mobsters descend like a pack of ravening wolves on any single person protesting for Brexit or Trump and who happens to be in their path.

Hail Brexit!! Long Live President Trump!!

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