And So It Goes…#1049

Today,Monday 10 June 2019 marks the official commencement of the Tory Party leadership contest to replace the outgoing Anglican Tea Lady of the Year,Theresa May.

That public political discourse here in Great Britain is even plumbing such unenviable depths of otiose garbage and taking it quasi-seriously, is simply a measure of how many billions of light years we are away from the realisation of the promise born in the aftermath of June 23 2016.

13 putative contenders for the vacant party leadership had put their names forward to enter the fray, though only two succumbed to logic and reason and withdrew before the “off”. Quite who will emerge victorious at the end of the hastily cobbled together, proverbial Heath Robinson party electoral process is anyone’s guess.

Boris Johnson ,Jeremy Hunt, Esther McVey, Dominic Raab appear the most plausible; then again when has plausibility ever been a consideration? to wit a committed Remainer with a woefully incoherent liberal record as Home Secretary should never have won the last contest in 2016,for example.

If nothing else the contest exudes a rather tawdry, down at heel shabbiness of an end-of -season pantomime.All the jokes have been worn out by constant, soul-less repetition and the actors are simply going through the motions.With each passing day this particular production is selling fewer and fewer tickets.

Brexit came into this world stillborn in the early hours of June 24,2016.The EU has already spent way too much off budget in funding seditionist 5th columnists Peoples Vote,LabourIn,Open Britain,Another Europe etc etc. And disposal of the newborn’s cadaver has not been the high watermark of the EU’s usual skill and savoir fare in such matters. 

My own personal optimum solution to ending the highly contrived and barely plausible parliamentary constitutional impasse surrounding final and ultimate betrayal of the Vote to Leave,would be for Boris Johnson as PM to get the HoC to revoke Article 50.Matters solved.Let’s get on with the rest of politics.

Then again,Dominc Raab intimated that should he win the leadership contest,he would as PM seek to prorogue parliament so that it was not in session and therefore unable to impede the now amended date of the UK’s departure from the EU on October 31.

Prorogue parliament? Constitutionally the PM of the day goes to the Palace and asks for the Monarch’s consent to prorogue parliament. End of.The Monarch is obliged not to deny the request.

Why didn’t someone think of that sooner, say before March 29th?

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