And So It Goes…#1062

October 31st. had better eventuate. We had better Leave the EU on that date.

Just when you thought the interminably egregious, otiose cant and vacuous moralistic slogans of the EU funded seditionist Remain aka Peoples Vote campaign couldn’t delve any further into uncharted depths of paranoid delusion…

Corporate MSM and other platforms announce that, ” A judge sitting in Scotland’s highest civil court has rejected an interim interdict (injunction) to prevent to the suspension of parliament. Lord Doherty said he believed the full hearing set down for next Friday should be moved forward to Tuesday or Wednesday.”

The judicial foray in Edinburgh is contemporaneous with virtually similar legalistic manoeuvres in London and Belfast.

Parliament is being prorogued.Only this time, for the first time since Oliver Cromwell ,significant and influential sections of our metropolitan domiciled liberal europhile elite are keen to bring the uneducated masses into the polemical fray by dispensing their very own bowdlerised explanation of what is a pretty arcane, customary and heretofore uneventful parliamentary / constitutional mechanism.

Having insidiously slandered, defamed and demonised the 17.4 million, with a pathological intensity not heard since Josef Goebbels apogee ,the EU funded seditionist cabal are finding themselves desperately short of any appropriately nuanced denunciations of Prime Minister Johnson and his government.ย 

Even the customary bulk Remaoner hashtags have lapsed into quasi-comedic parody, simply through lack of editorial oversight;

#NoDealBrexit is trending as #NoDealBreixt and #StopTheCoup went sideways twice as #StopTheCoupe and #StopTheCoop .

The already lamentably procrastinating parliamentary persiflage lapsed quickly into the piteous ,uni-student common room agitator-manque speak ,best embodied by that fat stupid Scots twerp Ian Blackford whose record is stuck on calling our Prime Minister as a dictator.

And way too many Labour /other left commentators and academics self identifying as “marxist” have established now beyond reasonable dialectical doubt that they in fact have never been or are even remotely now, Marxist.


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