And So It Goes…#1083

There is no need for a disquisition on this matter.Brevity will suffice.

On the third day of the beginning of a new decade,POTUS Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Iran’s leading military Commander General Soleimani. The drone strike took place at Baghdad International airport in Iraq.

You could argue that several ,what are considered inviolable,tenets of International Law were violated.

One head of state ordering the killing of a prominent general of another state whilst they are not at war with one another, on the territory of a third state is indisputably gangsterism.

Then again, the conservative republican neocon faction and their liberal Democrat overseas interventionist counterparts in Washington DC are the very bedrock of US imperialist foreign and military policies.They are both the authors of chaos and the harbingers of cataclysm.

The Rubicon has been crossed.

The only scenario left to ponder is,when it will be deemed expedient to eliminate a Chinese or Russian general in such a similar fashion.


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