There’s nothing life-long career Tories do quite so well as vapid condescension.The , ” oh my goodness,you still appear to be clinging to life ” ,patronising, snot-dripping down their nostrils onto the rag and bones of your economically eviscerated existence kind of DNA-hardwired remarks. It’s as if they’re writing some god awful diary entry they wish posterity to preserve for the benefit of the rest of mankind which they’d failed to notice even existed , until the very moment the snot-nosed,in-bred elitist’s bespoke spats started getting mired with your blood and puke. And no-one among the antedeluvian Commentariat delivers patronising, Marie Antoinette sang-froid like Simon Heffer ; to wit:-

Neglecting the North will lose David Cameron the Election


PUBLISHED: 22:03, 13 September 2013 | UPDATED: 08:49, 14 September 2013

Today, as London and the South-East are beginning to recover from the financial crisis — not least thanks to an artificially stimulated housing market — the North continues to struggle.

Ministers’ failure to understand the effects of this division is deeply damaging to the Government.

The truth is that large areas, such as south Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire, are economically moribund.

Fast-food outlets and bookmakers —  which, if he were around today, Karl Marx might argue have replaced religion as the ‘opium of the people’ — seem to the main places that are booming.

Heffer and his misbegotten ilk’s saving grace , if there is any ,in the temporal world,let’s not get too theological,is that they don’t shy away from authentic ” weltanschauungen ” in that 18th.century germanic philosophical kind of vein.
Hence the all too often delayed and impeded work of getting on with the dismantling and destruction of the prevailing capitalist order and its society predicated on the social relations of production really must be hastened along,that much is clearly imperative.


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